Most Instagrammable Places in Nepal to wow your Insta feed!

For all you Instagram freaks out there, isn’t the best combo travel + pics? We get it! As adventurers ourselves, we find it really refreshing to visit a place that’s super instagrammable and provides a sense of adventure at the same time. And, if you’re an influencer looking to travel to Nepal to give your followers something to joy about, we’ve got you covered.

Today, we bring you to Nepal!

Nepal is a beautiful country, ideal for photographers because of its rich cultural diversity, beautiful landscapes, and abundance of unspoiled natural beauty. No matter if you’re a professional photographer or just a hobbyist, Nepal has a ton of Instagrammable locations that are sure to get your followers to stop scrolling and double-tap that Instagram heart button.


The Kathmandu Valley’s old city of Bhaktapur ranks first on the list. The 12th-century temples, shrines, and courtyards in the city are famous for their excellent preservation. Bhaktapur’s beautiful carvings and architecture provide for breathtaking pictures that will wow your followers. Every angle of Bhaktapur is a photographer’s dream, from the 55-window palace’s golden doorway to the five-story Nyatapola Temple.

Annapurna Base Camp

Visit the Annapurna Base Camp Trek if you want to really appreciate the Himalayan magnificence. You go through beautiful mountains, charming villages, and verdant woods on this hike. You will pass by magnificent vistas at every turn, which will cause your following to pause for a while. The Annapurna range has some of the tallest mountains in the world, including Machhapuchhre, often known as the “Fishtail” mountain, Dhaulagiri, and Annapurna I. The views of the mountains at sunrise and dusk are especially breathtaking and will make for some fantastic shots.


Pokhara is another must-see Instagrammable location in Nepal. This city is a heaven for environment lovers since it is bordered by lovely lakes and the breathtaking Annapurna range. Pokhara provides several photo possibilities that will give your followers the impression that they are right there with you, from paragliding over the Phewa Lake to catching the dawn over the Mountains. On top of a hill, the Buddhist stupa known as the World Peace Pagoda provides sweeping views of both the city and the Annapurna mountain range. Another well-liked location for pictures is the Davis Falls, a cascade that empties into a small canyon. You may also take a boat trip on Phewa Lake to see the mountains reflected in the tranquil water.


When in Kathmandu Valley, one just cannot miss a visit to Patan. Patan, also known as Lalitpur, is home to multiple historical and cultural landmarks. Because of the well preserved architecture and cultural ethos of a city, it has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. While soaking in the vibe of the 17th Century temples, palaces and courtyards, one cannot deny that this is a photographer’s dream. The prayer flags and vivid colors flying around the city further add to the area’s beauty.


Last but not least, a visit to the Swayambhunath Stupa, popularly known as the Monkey Temple, is a must on any trip to Nepal. Atop a hill, this historic Buddhist temple provides breathtaking vistas of the Kathmandu Valley. A sight to behold is the white stupa in the form of a dome, embellished with vibrant prayer flags and the all-seeing eyes of Buddha. The jovial monkeys that roam the temple grounds are also great subjects for photographs.

As a result of its natural beauty, rich culture, and historical sites, Nepal is a photographer’s dream. The nation has a vast variety of Instagrammable locations that appeal to various interests, from historical sites to natural wonders. Prepare to photograph Nepal’s most beautiful locations by packing your baggage, charging your camera, and getting ready. Your followers will love it!

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