Bir Rai

Bir Bdr. Rai

Bir Bahadur Rai, born in Everest region in 1974 has begun combing the high altitude terrain since his childhood through his forties. He witnessed tourism especially trekking from his early days. Later he involved himself in the field of Himalayan tourism. He has led successful treks and expedition in the Himalayas all over Nepal over 20 years of his professional life. His sound knowledge of adventure and culture tourism along with his experience in the field have become handy tools in identifying both needs and interests of the people with different cultural and geographical backgrounds during expeditions.

Apart from this Bir has keen interest in social welfare and spared his time in the field for better social life in Nepal. He is contributing to the society through Nepal Orphan Welfare, Gudel Mahakulung Club, Kathmandu Branch and assisting school in his own village. His enthusiasm toward improvement in the field of Himalayan tourism and offering better service as well as his interest in team work led him to establish and lead the Belmont Trekking as Managing Director. His knowledge and experience from the earlier expeditions and his dedication will be the assets of the Company. His wider contact and adaptability in teamwork as well as insights from the involvement in the social service will add value to the service of the Company. He is ready to offer his unparalleled service through the company as Managing Director.