Tanka Rai

Tanka Ram Rai

Tanka Ram Rai was born in Himalayan region in the eastern part of Nepal. He entered to Kathmandu valley in young age to receive higher education and also to look for livelihood opportunities. During student life itself, he worked in trekking company in order to run his livelihood. He got the opportunity to participate at various levels from the basic to higher position. In the trekking business, he shifted to USA in 1995 where he worked as a sector agent and after that he shifted to Canada in 2007. Currently, he is working part time an agent of Canada for Belmont adventure Pvt. Ltd. of Nepal. But he works full time for trekking company on Saturday and Sunday.

Contact address:

68 Pantomine BLVD
Bramton, ONL6Y 5N4

Email: tankakulung@gmail.com