Shey Phoksundo Lake via Dho Tarap

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Trip Details

Start/End: Kathmandu to Kathmandu

Although Nepal is a small country, it has diverse geography having distinct features to offer. Diverse regions and natural beauty attract many tourists from over the world. Nepal offers many adventurous destinations, natural beauty, traditions, and cultures to admire, explore, and learn about. Shey Phoksundo is an alpine freshwater oligotrophic lake in Nepal's Shey Phoksundo National Park, located at an elevation of 3,611.5 m (11,849 ft) above sea level in the Dolpa District. Dolpa is a treasure trove with amazing landscapes and villages practicing the most unique Tibetan culture that dates back to ancient times. They are the major highlights of Dolpo. 

The main highlight of Shey Phoksundo Trek is the mesmerizing deep-blue and emerald hues of the deepest lake in Nepal, Shey Phoksundo Lake. It is one of the most beautiful natural tourist destinations in Nepal.  The Dho Tarap and Phoksundo Lake Trek are meant for real adventurers wanting an off-the-beaten-path camping experience.  This rough and spectacular trekking will bring you to beautiful turquoise-colored lakes, rushing rivers, and over high passes. You can admire the view of legendary peaks Dhaulagiri and the Annapurna range. The Dolpo is also the homeland to some rare wildlife including the elusive snow leopard. 

The real trek starts from Juphal. We will trek to Dunai at 2150m. Then from there, we will be trekking to Tarakot at 2700m. You will get to explore Dho Tarap Village through the trail after hiking from Naurapani. One of the highest altitude human settlements in the world, Dho Tarap lies at 4080m altitude. Dho Tarap is an amazing village that attracts trekkers willing to trek the high altitude regions of Dolpa. The natives of Dho Tarap follow traditional Buddhist culture. Dho Tarap links the trail leading to Jomsom, Mustang, and Tibet. There are lots of exciting activities that can be observed at Dho Tarap. There are numerous carriers like horses, mules, and yaks in the region. The houses of Dho Tarap are designed according to traditional architecture. The locals of Dho Tarap are simple and kind-hearted. You will have the opportunity to visit several gompas and pass by some ancient chortens. The views from high passes are breathtaking and stunning. From Ringmo we will hike to the turquoise Phoksundo lake another beautiful impression.

Shey Phoksundo considered a sacred lake. Hundreds of pilgrims visit this sacred lake to take a bath in its holy water yearly. Shey Phoksundo Lake lies inside Shey Phoksundo National Park, so when you trek to the lake, you pass via the gorge. Shey Phoksundo National Park has many religious sites and gompas. The most famous site is Shey Gompa, which was built during the 11th century. Near the lake of Shey Phoksundo, there is Thashung Gompa which is believed to be built about 900 years ago.

Trip Itinerary

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Trip Info

Best Season To Trek Shey Phoksundo

Trek to Shey Phoksundo lake can be done anytime throughout the year. Commonly Spring (March-May) and Autumn(September- November) is the best season for trekking as it not only offers the perfect weather but also the most beautiful and colorful rhododendron blossoming sight. You will also get an amazing view of Dhaulagiri and other mountains. During Summer(June-August), with the arrival of monsoon, heavy rainfall makes trekking difficult. The muddy and slippery path makes it more challenging and unfavorable for the trek. Winter(December-February) at higher altitudes is bitter and harsh. But Trek to Phoksundo won’t be that harsh as it isn’t in a higher altitude region.

How difficult is Shey Phoksundo Trek?

There are no such difficulties in the Shey Phoksundo lake trek. As the highest elevation point of the trek is not more than 3800 m, the chances of altitude sickness can be reduced beforehand. Usual trekking preparation can help a lot. Shey Phoksundo lake trek does not have extreme weather that’s why there will be no weather hurdles too.


Exploring Shey Phoksundo National Park requires specific entry permits as it is a restricted area. The lower Dolpo Permit requires $20 per person per week whereas the Shey Phoksundo National Park entry cost is $30 per person. 

Shey Phoksundo Lake Trek is one of the best treks to isolated regions of Nepal. It is located in the largest district of Nepal, Dolpo which remains an unexplored region with magnificent natural beauty. You can explore the unseen views of Himalayan ranges. It is an exclusive trek with the most significant trans Himalayan culture.