Adventure Sports

The gateway of multi-outdoor adventure activities in Nepal. Nepal is Holiday caters to all the adventurous activities. The long rivers, rolling beautiful hills, deep canyons, high peaks, and the landlocked country offer a multitude of adventure sports. The only one in the world who has extreme adventures of all kinds. 

Nepal's adventure sports provide an exhilarating experience. Nepal is well renowned for climbing, paragliding, rafting, and kayaking, among other adventure sports. It is one of the greatest destinations for adventure sports because of the spectacular natural surroundings; the dirt terrains, rivers, and magnificent sceneries will take your breath away. Nepal has the Himalayas, Valleys, Green Hills, and Plains that are biologically isolated as a natural traveling playground. From the world's highest mountain to the world's lowest valley, Nepal is an adventurer's paradise. Nepal is a great place for individuals who love Adventure Sports. Adventure professionals visit Nepal yearly to test out new experiences. Paragliding, bungee jumping, mountain riding, bicycle tours, rock climbing, and many more activities are available in Nepal. For a fun vacation, combine the aforementioned adventurous activities. Beyond hiking and mountaineering, Kathmandu and Pokhara offer other adventures. Nepal’s tourism attractions have grown enormously. Tourism now generates the largest international income. While trekking, tour, climbing, rafting, and safari have long been acknowledged, a variety of other activities has recently been explored. Nothing beats this wild, magnificent land for adventurers and courageous travelers.

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River Rafting

River Rafting

Nepal is on the wish list of many honorary river runners across the globe. Nepal thrives on Himalayan rivers flowing...