Term Of Services

1. Responsibility of Client and Assumption of Risk

The following terms are designed to ensure every adventure with Belmont Adventure is fun, memorable and most importantly, safe for clients. Following the required guidelines also ensures clients get the most value out of the funds contributed to this trip.

Disturbances and disruptions caused by the client in the trip will be considered a misconduct which may lead to discontinuation of the services provided to the client by Belmont Adventure. We reserve the rights to inform clients of such behavior and take appropriate steps as described above.

Belmont Adventure will not be liable for any loss, damage or delays to luggage and personal possessions, including any other losses arising because of the discontinuation of service.

Although Belmont Adventure provides assistance with emergency and quick evacuation, any cost associated with injury, illness, evacuation, doctor fees, hospital expenses, and repatriation will be the responsibility of the client. Insurance is mandatory covering these particulars before the start of the trip. Likewise, administration duties such as obtaining the right visa and maintaining a valid passport will also be the responsibility of the client. We will not be responsible for failure in obtaining the right visa. However, full assistance in searching for the right solution will be provided. Clients are also responsible to organize any equipment that is required as per the tours' demand.

Risk high up in the mountains is high. Risks include (not limited to) accidents, natural disasters, sickness and illnesses. Medical facilities may lack in remote locations. The client agrees to assume all risks on the commence of the journey. Neither the Company nor its employees, suppliers, agents or tour group members shall be responsible or liable for any loss or damage relating to the death, personal injury, illness or delay of any personal possessions of the client during the entirety of the trip.

Guides and employees of Belmont Adventure reserve the rights over the entirety of the trip. Decision to discontinue or cancel the service lies in the authority of Belmont Adventure and clients may be asked to leave the tour. No refund will be made in such cases.

2.Insurance Policy

The client must maintain a valid insurance policy that mandatorily covers the following:

  • Personal accident and medical treatment
  • Emergency evacuation (e.g., helicopter rescue)

The insurance policy must be up-to-date and maintained during the entirety of the trip.

Travel insurance is compulsory for all client undertaking a trip with Belmont Adventure. Covers for injury, medical expenses, death, repatriation expenses, helicopter rescue, air ambulance and adequate cover for baggage is a must and is offered by many insurance policy providers around the world.

Nepali insurance policies may not cater fully to the cover requirements of the travelers in terms of cover amount and expenses paid for. Therefore, insurance policies must be purchased at the country of origin of the client.

The cover duration must also cover the entire trip of the client. For example, if the client departs United Kingdom on the 21st of July and returns home on the 5th of October, the insurance policy must start on the 21st of July and end on the 5th of October.

An insurance certificate must be presented at the time of commencement of a trip.

3. Delays, Itinerary Changes and Unexpected Events

Delays because of difficult weather conditions and sometimes operational as well as technical complications that generally happen in remote areas such as Everest, Jomsom, Annapurna, Dolpa, Jumla, and Simikot regions can occur.

Because of the mountainous nature of Nepal’s terrain, flight cancellations can be frequent and could occur during a trip. In events like these, any additional charges and expenses for the airlines, hotels, porters, guides and food & beverages are to be incurred by the client. It is therefore advised the client consider booking some extra buffer time from other commitments and maintain some flexibility with their budgets. In events like these, Belmont Adventure will try best to minimize charges and cost for the client.

Any agreement between the client and Belmont Adventure automatically assumes Belmont Adventure free of any responsibility and/or liability against delay or changes in itineraries caused by an act of omission or environmental factors like weather conditions, natural disasters, strikes, civil unrest, etc. The same would be applicable in the event of sickness and illnesses (example: client leaves trip halfway due to sickness). Itineraries are only guidelines of a trip with the assumption of a seamless trip. For more information on our cancellation policy, please read section Cancellations. Belmont Adventure and its related staff may make adjustments or alterations to the itinerary in the interest of safety of its clients.

4. Cancellation Policy

We understand that sometimes plans may not work out and need to be cancelled. Belmont Adventure must be informed of such cancellations or plans of cancellations as soon as possible to minimize loss as advances paid will not be refunded. This is to cover operational costs incurred during the planning of the trip.

5. Privacy and Data Protection

5.1 Collection of data:

While using the services of Belmont Adventure, we may ask you to provide us with certain identity information for the purposes of record-keeping and contacting. Personally identifiable information may include, but is not limited to:

  • Email Address
  • First Name and Last name
  • Phone number

Your personal information will also be used to obtain necessary permits and documents required for the trip. Information may also be provided to the Government of Nepal for the same purpose.

5.2Use of information

Use of your personal information will be done for very specific purposes outlined in the next paragraph. We will, in no circumstance, sell your data to 3rd party organizations for profit-making intentions.

Your personal information may be used for the following reasons:

  • For the performance of a contract
  • To contact you
  • To provide you special offers, news and announcements.

6. Payment

Belmont Adventure asks for 25% of total trip cost must be deposited at the time of booking the trip to uphold the reservation and cover any initial expenses. Henceforth, the following schedule will come into effect.

The following payment schedule is applicable for all trips with Belmont Adventure.

Time of Booking 25%
On Arrival 75%

7.Health, fitness and pre-existing medical conditions

Difficulty of treks in the mountains vary from easy to strenuous. Planning and preparation can be done for every type of traveler. However, in order to make the best use of their time, travelers must satisfy the requirements of a level of fitness. It is imperative that clients disclose their pre-existing medical conditions fully to Belmont Adventure and their insurance providers. This ensures Belmont Adventure and other relevant authorities are aware of the traveler’s condition(s).

Chronic illnesses, cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, and depression are some examples of a pre-existing medical condition.

8.Your Journey in Nepal

Nepal is a country of adventure. Here, you will experience what it means to be truly free midst the mountains, hills and pristine water flowing through forests. Because of the remote nature of this experience, facilities may be limited or be very basic.

It is advised for all travelers to prepare for patience and understanding while at the same time plan and prepare adequately before every journey. Belmont Adventure, however, will provide all services as per the planned agreement.

9.Price Fluctuations

It is in the nature of flight tickets (Domestic and International) to fluctuate in prices. This could happen because of a number of factors like weather, natural disasters or airline policy changes. Belmont Adventure advises clients to prepare financial backup for the excess funds in the case of an increase.

10. Our Commitment

Belmont Adventure prides itself in being a provider of high-quality services to its clients. Our approach is entirely customer focused so all our trips are guaranteed to be smooth and pleasant. Our commitment to performing our duties honestly has garnered attention from travelers from all around the world who travel to Nepal every year and go on an adventure with Belmont Adventure.

We are highly compliant with rules, laws and policies set by the Government of Nepal and expect our clients and fellow travelers to do the same.