Frequently Ask Questions

Do you have set departure dates?

We have set departure dates for any trip. Our clients love us for the fact that we are flexible about starting a trip according to your convenience and when you see fit to start your adventure.

What are your prices?

Every trip is vastly different in style. Although the final destination may be the same, how you choose to adventure across the beautiful mountains and terrains will determine your price. For example, if you prefer to stay in hotels that fully focus on comfort, you may be paying a bit more than if you choose to home-stay in a cottage.

Can you customise my itinerary?

Yes, most definitely! We would love to sit down with you plan your trip so it becomes a trip of a lifetime. Furthermore, we can also extend your trip to suit your experience with climbing mountains. It’s okay to take it fast or slow. 

I am trekking for the first time. Is it right for me?

The beauty of trekking in Nepal is you’ll come across paths, terrains and mountains of all types. There is something for everyone. Even better, we have tagged packages according to difficulty on our website for your convenience.

Is trekking in Nepal difficult?

Trekking can be challenging if unprepared. This is exactly why we love helping clients choose packages and prepare for the upcoming adventure. If you are well prepared, trekking can be more fun than difficult. Please get in touch so we can make the planning worthwhile.

Is travel insurance mandatory?

Yes, travel insurance is mandatory. Your travel insurance policy must be purchased in your country of origin, should cover the entirety of the trip, list your pre-existing medical conditions and would have to cover you for medical expenses, evacuation, repatriation and delays and/or cancellations.

What are your most popular treks?

Some of our most popular packages include treks to Annapurna, Everest, Manaslu and more. You will see a list of Featured Packages on the home page of our website.

Will your packages include full board service?

Yes, our packages will by default include full board service. We can always change the level of comfort with the board services to fit your convenience.

What items, apart from equipment, should I bring with me?

Along with your equipment, please bring any items that are essential to you. For example, suitable clothing, medications, masks, sunscreen, etc. Remember, high up in the mountains. For more details please visit Equipment & Clothing check list.

How do I obtain necessary permits from the government of Nepal?

Us at Belmont Adventure will organise all of that for you as per your itinerary. It is also a part of our privacy policy that we use your personal information to obtain necessary documentations in Nepal. However, Visa to Nepal from your country of origin or any other places must be obtained by the travellers themselves.

How do I learn about the culture of Nepal?

When you arrive in Nepal, we will give you a natural orientation of the country, the dos and don’ts, and the general population philosophy. Valuable information can be found on our website at  Do's and Don'ts in Nepal section.

What happens if I need to cancel my trip?

We understand that plans could sometimes change. Unfortunately, we will not be able to refund funds already paid to us as advanced, we use this to book a large number of variables for your trip. Therefore, it is recommended you let us know as soon as possible if there are doubts in your trip. 

If there are delays in the trip caused by me or any environmental factor, is it covered by my trip fee?

Delays or cancellation of the trip caused due to environmental factors are not covered by the pre-set trip fee paid to Belmont Adventure. We do provide expert advice in reducing charges and expenses because of these delays. Therefore, it is recommended the client carry adequate budget and be flexible with their timings during the trip.

What essential documents should I take with me?

It’s important to always travel with your current passport, visas, travel insurance documents and any other necessary permit to the location you are visiting. Documents may depend on the nature of the trip itself. Belmont Adventure will advise you of any at the appropriate time. 

Can I extend my trip if required?

Yes, we can always work around your itinerary to formulate a plan to extend your trip. We will advise if certain extensions are possible or not as per government laws, weather conditions, etc.

Can we communicate in English in Nepal?

All staff members at Belmont Adventure speak good English and are native Nepali speakers. In most tourist destinations in Nepal, basic English is understood. In cases necessary, Belmont Adventure guides can always translate and explain to you. 

How do I check which parts of Nepal you provide service?

We have created a neat website listing all our holiday packages. We offer more than 50 holiday packages covering most of the Himalaya region.