River Rafting

Nepal is on the wish list of many honorary river runners across the globe. Nepal thrives on Himalayan rivers flowing through the extreme terrain of the country and making steep falls to the lowlands of Terai at the most rapid conditions than most of the rivers on the earth. The country's unique landscape has made it an ideal destination for white water rafting. Many Nepalese rivers have almost all qualities mandated for excellent river rafting, such as continuous natural flow, multiple challenging rapids, a long runnable length, and good ascent. Moreover, river rafting in Nepal also bestows one with the combination of the exhilarating scenery of the Himalayan range, fascinating flora, and unique cultural exposure other than the thrilling experience of white water rafting.

During the monsoon season, the rivers in Nepal swell and develop rapid currents. Hence, we avoid rafting during monsoon seasons. Autumn, winter, and spring (September to early December and March to June) are the safest seasons to raft down the rivers of Nepal. During these periods, the weather is mild, and the water is also warm.

Key highlights

  • Raftable rivers suitable for beginner to a proficient level
  • First-hand glimpses of pristine scenery and rich biodiversity of Nepal
  • Availability of experienced guides who follows all safety protocols
  • Good deal compared to other international rates

Nepal is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts as the country is filled with dare-devil activities like mountaineering, bungee, paragliding, jungle safaris, and many more. Amongst, the host of thrilling activities, Nepal is also a favorite destination for river runners. The Nepalese rivers that descend fastest and further than most on the planet provide some heart-pounding rafting experiences to the rafters. Its glacier rivers known for their high current around the world makes it perfect for rafting. To top it all, one can enjoy a spectacular view of the Mountain range, exotic flora alongside the dense forest, and experience the colorful culture of locals residing alongside the river in Nepal.

Most Popular River Rafting in Nepal

To date, the government of Nepal has opened sections of 10 rivers for commercial rafting. Nepal offers various grading of raft able rivers ranging from basic to very difficult. The flow of the current of waters in the river determines the difficulty levels of a river. You will find a range of best routes for a beginner level with a short half-day rafting trip to the professionals requiring more than ten days or so of adventure in these monstrous river destinations of Nepal.

Here are a few of the best rivers for rafting in Nepal:

Sun Koshi River Rafting

Sun Koshi River Rafting

The Sun Koshi River is one of the ten best river expeditions in the world. It is also one of the longest rivers in Nepal. The river starts from the...

Tamur River Rafting

Tamur River Rafting

Tamur River is the sixth-largest river in Nepal and flows from the third-highest peak in the world called Kanchanjanga. It is a mighty river full o...