Sun Koshi River Rafting

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Trip Details

The Sun Koshi River is one of the ten best river expeditions in the world. It is also one of the longest rivers in Nepal. The river starts from the Tibetan border, falls down the Himalayas, and runs to the River Ganges in India. This river offers a massive volume of white and warm water for rafting. A run in this mighty river amazes any rafters with beautiful ingredients of canyons, majestic waterfalls, caves, temples, white sandy beaches, and great intensity of white water rapids.
The Sun Koshi River means River of Gold. It got the name since the locals used to pan the gold from the sediments of river banks, or it may also refer to the orange color of the river during the monsoon season due to alluvial silt. It is the best option for a multi-day white water adventure due to the large volume of pool/drop River. Most of the rapids in the river depending upon the harshness of the monsoon season. The severity of the monsoon often creates rapids and creates Meat Grinder (Class IV-), Judy (Class III), Pre-anxiety (Class III), Punch (Class IV-), and High Anxiety (Class IV-), and several new rapids. River welcomes the rafters with easy and smooth Class II/III rapid during the initial days of rafting. These experiences will prepare the rafters for the numerous rapids in the next few days. Along the way, many rivers join with the Sunkoshi River, which swells up the river and forms a few of the world-famous rapids. One can enjoy the scenic beauty of different villages and Hindu temples, making the journey remarkable.

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Best Season to Raft

The best season for rafting in this river is between September to December and January to May when the river is full of intense rapids and a massive volume of water.  July to September is a Monsoon season where the excessive thrusting of water makes it impossible to raft.

October to June4/4+
December to March3/3+

Sunkoshi River is the best choice for rafters seeking a long river expedition with a good combination of beautiful scenic beauty and access to villages on the way. Running through continuous intense rapids in white water with a picturesque lush green countryside makes this journey truly a remarkable experience in Nepal.

Highlights of Sunkoshi River Rafting

  • Raft along the best rafting rivers of Nepal - Sunkoshi River
  • Classic multi-day river trip with big rapes, beautiful scenery, warm water, and beach camping
  • Enjoy the trip with beautiful nature and great campsites
  • Raft with excellent rafting team of Nepal
  • The glance of typical Nepali villages along the way
  • Cross jungles, waterfalls, streaming rivers and hills