Bir Rai

Bir Bdr. Rai

Bir Bahadur Rai, who was born in the Everest area in 1974, has been exploring the high altitude environment from his boyhood and has continued to do so into his forties. As the name implies, he is one of the most daring Sherpas in the Himalayas. From his childhood, he was exposed to tourism, particularly trekking. Later on, he became active in Himalayan tourism. Around the course of his professional career, he has led numerous treks and excursions in the Himalayas all over Nepal. His extensive understanding of adventure and culture tourism, as well as his field experience, have proven to be useful tools in assessing the requirements and interests of individuals from various cultural and geographical backgrounds during excursions. His expertise in first aid and adequate altitude management has led him here today. Bir has led shooting units of Kollywood and Hollywood as well.

Apart from that, Bir has a strong interest in social welfare and has volunteered in the field to improve Nepal's social life. He gives back to society by volunteering with Nepal Orphan Welfare, the Gudel Mahakulung Club, Kathmandu Branch, and by aiding schools in his home village. His desire to develop Himalayan tourism and provide better service, as well as his passion for collaboration, inspired him to start and head Belmont Trekking as Managing Director. As Managing Director, he is ready to provide unrivaled service to the organization. His expertise and experience from previous missions, as well as his passion, will be valuable assets to the Company. His broader contact and adaptability in cooperation, as well as insights from his engagement in social service, will add value to the Company's service.